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Accounting for Tax Purposes

MDISNET believes that accurate bookkeeping is necessary for the reporting of income, payroll, sales, city, local and business taxes. A good bookkeeper will accurately book the transactions so the accountant can then file the various quarterly and annual tax returns with the State and Federal agencies. As well as stay in compliance with general accepted accounting principals. Should the returns ever be questioned the bookkeeper should have all the records and receipts on file for support.

Bookkeeping Computer Programs

MDINET Professional Accounting & Tax Service can train you or one of your employees on QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro. We can also set up your accounting books so data entry is easier and more accurate. Computerizing business and personal finances can save hours of work. There are many good bookkeeping software programs available on the market for all types of businesses. We recommend you look over the various programs and choose one that best suits your needs. Some will track receivables but not loans, others loans but not receivables. Try to buy a popular program so it will be easier to find a professional bookkeeper or accountant who is already familiar with the program and can make necessary entries and/or adjustments.