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-Will file all the necessary forms, set up the accounting books and maintain the annual corporate minutes to make the incorporating process smooth and build your corporate credit through credit build with DNB. 

- A Corporation is legal entity that exists separately from its owners. Creation of a corporation occurs when properly completed articles of incorporation ( called a charter or certificate of incorporation in some states) are filed with the proper state authority, and all fees are paid.

- What are the Advantages of Incorporating? A primary advantage of incorporate entity affords it's shareholders. Typically, shareholders are not liable for the debts and obligations of the corporation; thus, creditors will not come knocking at the door of a shareholder to pay debts of the corporation. A Corporation's life is not dependent upon its members. A Corporation possesses the feature of unlimited life. Ownership of a corporation is easily transferable. Capital can be raised more easily through the sale of stock. A Corporation possesses centralized management.